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Devil Siege v1.2 [Gold+Gems]

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Devil Siege v1.2 [Gold+Gems] Empty Devil Siege v1.2 [Gold+Gems]

Post by HackerShah Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:05 am

:: Download Link::Click Here
:: Download Link::Mirror:-Click Here
Devil Siege v1.2 [Gold+Gems] Dv1
Devil Siege v1.2 [Gold+Gems] Play_Store
::Required Android O/S:: 4.0
*****Hack Description*****
*** Mod [Gold+Gems] ***
**Credit To** N/A
:: Description::
Red mark! The bodies mutations! Fire attack! Heroes please save siege!

Hot pleasure shot, firearm rich settings, a variety of character skills, using the most powerful weapon to sweep all the zombies.

Biochemistry sudden outbreak of the crisis, a large number of zombies to conquer the entire city. Hero stepped up and grabbed their weapons, mutated monsters swept killer!

This is a shooting game action. The main task for the player is to eliminate all the zombies in each level, and to ensure that the character can survive. During the battle, the player controls a virtual joystick in the bottom left corner to control the character of "movement", press the virtual icon in the lower right corner to "shoot" the nearest zombie. Under the "armaments interface", there are 18 types of firearms were strong in the left column, as the game progresses, more weapons will be gradually opened, the performance of a firearm can be improved, so that you can eliminate them strong zombie succeed.

By touching the screen to control the character, use of firearms on hand to defend their right to survive, to move forward in waves of zombie invasion, and finally escape from the city. An assortment of weapons, weapons systems and upgrade skills, the level of intense combat, the corps of certain modeling zombies, and the effects of firearms beautiful, let us begin to fight for life and honor!

   18 kinds of powerful weapons: Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Golden Gatling! Waiting for you to fight!
   6 big scene, more than 40 levels, face a variety of mutated monsters, zombie challenge powerful BOSS level.
   The support of a strong fire, bomb full screen, full screen freezing! Let zombie nowhere to run!
   Special upgrade weapon system, letting you shoot firearms is faster and become more powerful!
Devil Siege v1.2 [Gold+Gems] Logo1il
Devil Siege v1.2 [Gold+Gems] Dv2
Devil Siege v1.2 [Gold+Gems] Dv3
Devil Siege v1.2 [Gold+Gems] Dv4

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