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Goat Rampage v2.0.5 [Unlimited Gold-Gems]

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Goat Rampage v2.0.5 [Unlimited Gold-Gems] Empty Goat Rampage v2.0.5 [Unlimited Gold-Gems]

Post by HackerShah Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:50 am

Goat Rampage v2.0.5 [Unlimited Gold-Gems] Okzvj2femxoScl508CF0jxR10OCiPhtxuTHIcryG_x5er2pumYdB75zFidTw9gJeEw=w200
::Download Link::Click Here
Google Play Link
::Required Android O/S:: 2.3+
::How To Install::
Just Install Apk, Play And Enjoy
*****Hack Description*****
[  Unlimited Gold / Gems  ]
Overview: The Goat Rampage
The most ridiculous animal simulator available for the Android. You're just a stupid Goat, but you're about to make the biggest rampage this world has ever seen.
Explore large maps, with interactive humans, animals, buildings and vehicles and make everybody's lives as miserable as possible.
Drive a car, an ambulance, a police car, catapult yourself through the city, well you can even fly a helicopter, frankly you can do whatever you like - you're a Goat.

PS: And of course you can use a Gravity Gun and throw a house through a pool party, but you knew that right?

- 3 huge locations to explore
- Gigantic city level with extreme missions and tons of stuff to demolish
- Stunning 3D graphics
- Interactive people with realistic animations and bonkers behaviour
- Drivable vehicles with improved mechanics
- Helicopter that you can fly
- Support for Retina display devices
- Smooth and easy controls
- Hidden secret features
- Optimized performance

There are three locations. First is the funny village with tons of stuff to destroy, large hills to climb and crazy missions to complete.
Second is the factory location with large warehouses, funny workers and jeep car you can drive.
Third is a large city with tons of interactive people, cars, parties and tough missions.

Every level has it's own pack of missions for you to complete. For every mission you finish, you'll get gold which you can use to upgrade your Goat.

There is a free play mode which you can use to explore all maps and enjoy the rampage without time limitations.

For gold you collect you can upgrade life,speed,ram,jump and gravity gun power to cause even more damage.

The game will automatically detect which quality settings to apply for your device, but you can change them in the settings menu.

You can use the joystick, on the left to move your goat, jump button on the right to make it fly and swipe to look around.
If you collect the Gravity Gun somewhere on the map the magnet icon will pop up which you can use to move objects around. Various buttons will show up when you'll get close enough to interact with them.

If you get close to a drivable car, note that not every car is drivable, the blue car icon will pop up on the right which you can use to enter it. The same rule works with helicopter and catapult.

When you gain a high score the popup will show up allowing you to post your score on Facebook or Twitter.

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Goat Rampage v2.0.5 [Unlimited Gold-Gems] Logo1il
Goat Rampage v2.0.5 [Unlimited Gold-Gems] Qg3s66oubiv74Yt5FsKySec2IpY-S-eOR_N2K1oML-54EPoEPNNr0IdZBkU4WaTFinY
Goat Rampage v2.0.5 [Unlimited Gold-Gems] Tu2sI_fiAQ87z9V0I_94mfm0cJ6bEOKcilX47RBtfp28qfyDIwM_P_8tYNCQCjLHEw

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