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Monster Shooter Mania! v1.0.13 [Mod Money]

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Monster Shooter Mania! v1.0.13 [Mod Money] Empty Monster Shooter Mania! v1.0.13 [Mod Money]

Post by HackerShah Mon Aug 11, 2014 9:42 pm

::Download Link::Click Here
Monster Shooter Mania! v1.0.13 [Mod Money] RqLtNMQPaPJvXMrCb7TmLoojUW0m3o6x_OVrQ-9rkCqwb_E8cV_bcVhjc1zv4O_qPvmg
Monster Shooter Mania! v1.0.13 [Mod Money] A-cmsvxp9xxevOJM7KoVqw3mDxAtGu-o_3HNVT3FwA_G-6gD_OSEfNb1FxaNAboVZxw
Monster Shooter Mania! v1.0.13 [Mod Money] Play_Store
::Required Android O/S:: 2.3+
*****Hack Description*****
*** [Mod Money] ***
✙ ✧ ✙ MONSTER SHOOTER MANIA! ✙ ✧ ✙✧ "Fun & crazy action gameplay! Insane HD graphics, sounds, and effects!" - Droid Player Arena
✧ "An innovative hardcore shooter mixed with the cuteness of monsters!" - Android Gamer
✧ "Much more grim and funny monsters like the ones in monsters inc!" - Chuck B. White
✧ "Not a boring tower defense game. You are the shooter and you take down all the monsters. This game is the titties and I can't wait for more levels!" - Eric Gottleib

Sargent Perry Clash, you have been given the task to defend our city's lines from the monster invasion! Get behind your gun and the sandbag wall, the only line of defense you have. Make your bullets count, and make sure you upgrade your guns with the coins you earn, it'll make it it much easier to get rid of those dirty angry monsters.


Blast your way through 30 unique levels on 3 continents to become the most famous hero of the entire world. Win trophies for unlocking achievements and compare your scores with your friends to see who sits in the castle throne as elite savior.


Login with your Google account to compete against your circles and the public with Google Play Games. See how you rank against your friends and your foes in multiple online leaderboard categories. Live online play is coming soon!


Use coins from killing monsters to upgrade your gun, your defense blocks, and more upgrades! The levels get hard, so you're not gonna make it and save your city without the latest and greatest hardware:

✔ Rookie Gun (Single Shot, 50 Damage)
✔ Soldier's Choice (Single Shot, 75 Damage)
✔ Heavy Metal (Double Shot, 100 Damage)
✔ Monster Breaker (Double Shot, 125 Damage)
✔ Unstoppable (Triple Shot, 150 Damage)

✔ Sand Bags (50 Durability)
✔ Stone Blocks (100 Durability)
✔ Metal Blocks (150 Durability)

✔ More Bullets (Gives +1 Shot to Any Gun)
✔ Stronger Weapon (Weapon Deals +15 Damage)
✔ More Blocks (Adds Additional Block to Each Pile)
✔ Stronger Bullets (Bullets Deal +15 Damage)
✔ Ricochet (Bullets Bounce Off Of Monsters)


Get behind your machine gun in the hottest new free game for Android. Prepare your fingers, eyes, and brain for non-stop action, a monster shooting saga, for the sake of saving your city! Be the hero and save everyone! Get new weapons, upgrade your wall, weapons and ammo, unlock new levels and continents.

Hours of free gaming brought to you by Gravy Baby. Happy monster shooting!

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