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Balto Speed Reading v3.7a

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Balto Speed Reading v3.7a Empty Balto Speed Reading v3.7a

Post by HackerShah Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:47 pm

Balto Speed Reading v3.7a PJXyCohwxawKGPI4p4cRSDVFYviAhnuTenN6aDs0sZIBuhYp-nrC_KlzVa_gbh6psPk=w300
::Download Link::Click Here
Google Play Link
::Required Android O/S:: 2.3.3 And Up
Speed reading app that features FIXED Optical Recognition Point (ORP)!!
Fully supported File Type: TXT, PDF, EPUB, FB2, HTML
Kindle (non-DRM-protected) eBook AZW, AZW3 (KF8), MOBI and PRC
Third Party App Support: Kindle, Dropbox, Pocket, Evernote, Flipboard.
Localization Support: German, Italian, Czech, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
Unlike other speed reading apps, Balto Speed Reading focus on *Paragraphs Parsing*, which is optimized to read long texts, webpages and ebooks comfortably, furthermore providing very flexible navigation features!!
Using the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP) method, your reading speed will be enhanced significantly!
Great alternative for other Fast Reading Apps such as Spritz if you don't have a supporting device.
Balto Speed Reading is designed and optimized for reading long texts and webpages!
*ORP calculated based on the golden ratio of word length, positioned slightly left of center.
*It features smart parsing of paragraphs and punctuation for the best reading experience.
---5 Ways to Load Texts---
* Load from file (*.txt, *.pdf, *.epub, *.html, *.fb2, *, *.azw, *.azw3, *.mobi, *.prc)
* Load directly from Kindle, Dropbox and Pocket!
* Share Webpage from Browser, Flipboard and Evernote directly!
* Paste from Clipboard (in case the file failed to load, try copy and paste the text to app)
* Select All Text and Share to the App
---Library to let you browse your history easily!---
---Save Text for Future reading, retaining current reading position!---
---Very Flexible Navigation Control---
*Tap anywhere to play*
*Jump 1 paragraph forward or backward
*Jump 10 paragraphs/1 chapter forward or backward
*Jump word by word forward or backward
*Swipe the text to scroll the sentense
*Preview and Jump to any paragraphs instantly
*Jump to page/chapter (when available)
*Search words and Jump to paragraph
---Display Options and Themes---
*Full/Chapter Countdown Timer!
*Simple Spritz-like Marker
*Portrait Mode
*Set Punctuation Delay Speed
*Set Long-word (10+letters) Delay
*You can toggle single word mode to show only the target word.
*Hide all the controls, only showing the text!
*Customize you Color Theme
*Set your maximum WPM speed
*Set Font size and type
*Customize list of words that should not be split by punctuations
*Toggle various options and more!
---NO Ads---
There is no point to put ads in a reading app and distract your focus!!

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