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Infinite Painter FULL v4. [PREMIUM features Unlocked]

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Infinite Painter FULL v4. [PREMIUM features Unlocked] Empty Infinite Painter FULL v4. [PREMIUM features Unlocked]

Post by HackerShah on Mon May 04, 2015 9:52 am

::Download Link::Click Here
Infinite Painter FULL v4. [PREMIUM features Unlocked] HoN-OXc73bmjjzCCq0bMQHhDHrHIx0SVhHODLRE6r_4ibo0robeRItFw-hKlngNKxj-2
Infinite Painter FULL v4. [PREMIUM features Unlocked] Play_Store
::Required Android O/S:: 4.0+
Throw away your sketchbook! With an endless supply of tools and a simplified, customizable interface, you'll only be limited by your imagination
Unlockable features:
- 100+ natural brushes
- Create brushes from your own images
- Redesigned interface: simple, clean, and consolidated
- Layer support with 21 blend modes
- Paper backgrounds that interact with brushes
- 4 types of symmetry: Horizontal, Vertical, Radial, and Kaleidoscopic
- A multitude of guides: Line, Ellipse, Focal, Protractor, Curve, Lazy, French Curves
- 5 perspective guides: 1 point, 2 point, 3 point, Curvilinear, and Isometric
- Organized workflows: Paint, Clone, Edit, and Select
- A library of adjustments, photo filters, and artistic filters
- Pattern tools: Fan, Quilt, Path, or Tile
- Selection masks
- Transform: translate, scale, rotate, flip, distort, and skew
- Blend and smudge paint
- Pressure-sensitivity and stylus support
- Trace, rub and clone images
- Import images from your camera, gallery, or from the web
- Search millions of colors, palettes and patterns via ColourLovers
- Gradient and pattern fills
- Rotate and flip the canvas
- Reference images
- Export images as JPEG, PNG, or PSD
- Full interactive Classroom. Watch videos and read articles.
- NVIDIA DirectStylus support
- Optimized for the Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid and other stylus devices, assign functions for the finger, the stylus, and for the hardware

-perspective guide delay
-edge artifacts when using Liquify
-save pattern with Tile Tool
-magic wand
-white artifacts when blending
-added camera lock to camera options
-edit multiple projects on long-press
-edit multiple brushes on long-press
-import options when starting with image
-added labels to projects
-removed Pen-Only (use Finger: Disable instead)
-improved cloning
-save pattern, gradient, palette when selected

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